We started the collaboration by working on my dressing. We sorted all my clothes, I gave a good part of them. I changed my way of consuming.  Now I am buying less and better. I'm going less towards the ultra luxury, I widened my panel of brands (Palace, Stussy, Our legacy, Marni, Bode, Loewe, Raf Simons, Needles, Polar etc). Then more and more people from the fashion world started to be interested in my profile. I participated in the first episode of Gaffer Stock X No stylist with Landry (Loge Agency). I collaborate regularly with Filling Pieces with whom we have a good relationship. I was able to have different collaborations for example with The Benjamins on a GQ cover and work for Désolé Store in Istanbul. The evolution was done in a natural way and we continue to work serenely. I am developing now my own merch with Loge. I am very happy to be able to develop these projects. This collaboration allowed me to open up to many things, whether it is clothing or culture in general.